Samsung LA52B750 52" HD LCD TV $2799 from Clef Hi Fi in Melb

6 March 2010

This is a good price and the tellie is a reasonably recent and decent quality release. I dont think they actually sell online so if you want it you'll need to call them. A good price late last year on this was $3800 and your still looking at around that price to pick it up elsewhere.


  • wfdTamar
    They deal via email. I got a response to a shipping quote within an hour or two.
  • admin EDITOR
    What was the shipping charge like ?
  • wfdTamar
    Wasn't for a TV. It was for a 5.1 speaker package to Tas - $190. Not too bad, but I have had one Syd to Tas for $80 (very cheap) from an ebay seller (though bit smaller speakers).
  • ninkasi
    Not bad, but personally I'd still go the Panasonic plasma unless you really want an LCD panel.... the slightly smaller 50inch can be had for $800 less than this @ Myer currently, and they throw in a blu-ray player & 6 months of dvd/blu-ray rental..... that $999 LG panel at brown box is pretty amazing as well.... the Panny is better than the LG but not twice as good.... ;-)

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