Samsung Galaxy Tab - JB Hifi $279 limited stock (21/4/11)

16 April 2011

21/4/11 JB Hifi price is $279

16/4/11 Telstra - Samsung Galaxy Tab $299 including postage (but wait there's more...)

Samsung Galaxy Tab $299

* 7-inch full touch mobile tablet
* Powered by Android 2.2
* 3 mega-pixel camera with video recording
* 1.3 mega-pixel camera for video calling
* Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 sdevices
* USB tethering
* Voice, SMS/MMS capable

With the Samsung GALAXY Tab its easier than ever to browse the web, stream YouTube videos, make calls, send text and download the latest range of apps from the Android Market.

UNLOCKED to Telstra

The price drop is due to the new Samsung Tab 8.9 and 10.1 models being released 3rd quarter 2011. Read about it here -


  • closey
    It's unlocked as confirmed on Whirlpool :)
  • admin EDITOR
    A friend had a Dell Streak for a while but gave up using it - it was too clunky to be a phone and although it was excellent for browsing and small work related stuff it wasn't powerful enough to be a work machine.
  • admin EDITOR
    From just under $1000 a few months ago to $299 today is a hell of a drop. Makes sense though. $300 is about the level where you'd buy it to play with it.
  • closey
    So, I bought one of these this morning :) Now I have to wait and see if I get it before the very-long-weekend. They say allow 5 business days for delivery so I don't particularly like my chances. There weren't any Telstra shops nearby that would do online order and then pickup in person :eek: .
  • admin EDITOR
    What do you want to use it for closey ?
  • fairybelle
    I saw that "wait theres more" guy at Bunnings on the weekend. LOL - sorry for the random comment but the title had me...
  • closey
    What do you want to use it for closey ?
    Mostly random web surfing on the couch and maybe some media playback.
  • bt34
    Some guy on another forum said that Optus will be selling these for $229, also unlocked. Don't know whether there's any truth to this; will know more when the Optus shops opens.
  • admin EDITOR
    The interesting bit would be why its shed so much of the original price. Will have a look.
  • admin EDITOR
    Just reading the ]engadget review. Its about the size of a kindle which I sort of have an issue with. It means its too big to be really portable and too small to really be something you'd watch movies on. I'd call it a confused size. There's no HD video capability either which you'd think it would have. Browsing I guess would be ok - its reportedly pretty fast at processing. You could probably install the kindle app and use it as a reader as the screen res is supposed to be pretty good. ... ah it already comes loaded with it. I've been playing with android on a HTC desire HD recently. Overall compared to the plug and go aspect of the iphone - theres a bit more configuring to synch calendar, contacts etc (you can google docs most of it over) and the interface isnt as smooth but its pretty much even stevens. Both have pro's and cons. I think once you play with an android OS to get it setup how you want it (the iphone severely lacks the configurability) it'd be as good. I just can be bothered doing the config. The engadget review mentions that it cant be charged off USB. Battery life is also reported to be pretty good which makes me chuckle as the battery on the HTC Desire HD sucks. Do anything substantive with it and it just dies. I carry a couple of batteries with me. There are people that do downloadable config dumps that will up your battery life and search hard enough and you'd probably find one for the Galaxy tab if battery life was an issue for you. Fortune gives it a ]decent review as well but I'd trust engadget more. I still reckon at $299 I'd give it a whirl to see what it was like.
  • Victorious
    I bought mine for $299 from Telstra. Not all JB's shops sell them for $279 and even then, most of them will ask you to get a case for $20 for the $279 price, if they got stock that is. The rumor that Optus sells them for $229 is nonsense, their current price is $839/859. With regards to the size, it all comes down to what you need. For me it is the biggest size/weight that I would carry with me in pocket so it is ideal for multimedia and apps while on the train. For $299 or lower it is a very good deal. I completely customised mine yesterday and it does everything I want - it even plays .ts files!!! This is great as I can record TV shows via PVR and just watch them while on the train without the need to convert them. It has free GPS software and it syncs with gmail very well. The default speeds is ok, but with Overcome 1.6.1 it runs extremely smooth without any overclock. edit: By the way, you can charge it off USB.
  • admin EDITOR
    edit: By the way, you can charge it off USB.
    Charge it or just run it ? They say you can run it but that USB wont actually charge it.
  • Victorious
    USB does charge it. You can charge it when connected to PC via USB with the provided USB cable, I already done it few times.
  • JakDac
    $229 Optus link Please ?
  • ninkasi
    $229 Optus link Please ?
    Please note the message from Victorious:
    The rumor that Optus sells them for $229 is nonsense, their current price is $839/859.
    Current cheapest is JB (as noted above) if you hunt around. Cheers
  • stevehl
    The price drop is due to the NEW Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1 being released in Australia on 3/5/11. The Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 (Model: P7100), a powerful Dual-Core Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) Smart Media Device, designed to deliver the ultimate mobile entertainment experience. Features: * Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) * 10.1" Display * 1Ghz Dual Core processor * Dual surround sound speaker * HD recording and full HD playback * 8MP AF rear-facing camera & 2MP front-facing camera * All in 599g * 4G (HSPA+21Mbps) * Google Services (Google Books, G-talk video chat, Gmail, Google calendar, Google maps, Google latitude ETC) * 10.1 Flash support full browsing * A-GPS (Google Turn-by-turn Navigation Support * WiFi
  • ninkasi
    ...designed to deliver the ultimate mobile entertainment experience
    [CRANKYOLDGEEK] Yep, never going to get better than that. Gotta love ultimate... Ultimate Vista... Ultimate XP.... Ultimate Extras for Windows Ultimate... heck, I can remember when the PS/2 came out with VGA and over 262k colours versus the 16 in CGA and 64 in EGA.... now there's an ultimate... until the next better ultimate comes along... I think we're now up to WHUXGA and 36million colours.... :D [/CRANKYOLDGEEK]
  • bigal
    Officially on sale starting 4th, its in their current catalogue
  • queenshrew
    I got one too, and it's great! You can also make calls on it :) I use it mainly to watch shows with earphones on while killing time, but also to surf the net and make the occasional call. It's small enough to fit in my handbag without feeling like I'm carrying around a brick...which is what the ipad 1 felt like in comparison to my latest toy! I can confirm that it charges via usb. I would never have paid the original price for it. $300 or less is a fantastic buy....! ------------- ETA: Donkey -- I have the htc desire that kept dying with intensely short battery life. I seriously thought I bought a dud. I seemed to be charging it all the time..yet it kept dying. After much frustration, I discovered the main culprit. All the email software that kept updating and beeping to inform me about messages - biggest culprit was yahoo mail. It was apparently searching and downloading non stop! Deleting that saved my sanity...Yahoo mail app on the market is the worst app ever invented!!! (in my opinion anyhow!)

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