Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 (16GB, White) shipped for $719.97 from Duty Free Central

2 May 2013

Had a quick look around to see who was offering the best online deal for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 (16GB, White) mobile phone handset. The retailer offering the second best offer came as no surprise - Kogan - where you can get it delivered for $758. Note, this is in black.

However, the best price I could find was from Duty Free Central where you can get the same model in white delivered to your front door for just $719.97.

I haven't used Duty Free Central myself though and therefore am unsure of their reliability. Spent a minute looking at a few reviews and while most people are happy with the fact that the pricing is good and receiving their orders is fine, the company's reputation when it comes to dealing with faulty devices or honouring their returns policy seem to be a bit iffy. So up to you whether it's worth saving the extra $38 than going with a more reputable retailer like Kogan.

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  • Captainjack
    Unique Mobiles has just managed to beat this offer with a $60 off promo code which they´ve issued for purchases of the Samsung S4 (i9500). This brings the price, with shipping, down to a very good price of just $697. Head over to Buckscoop´s voucher page to pick up the coupon. There´s also one there for $60 off on the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 4G Quad-core model too.
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