Samsung CLP-310 Color Laser Printer $169 Pickup Melbourne or + shipping @ I-Store

1 February 2009

Also available @ NUNAWADING STORE

4ppm, 32mb-RAM,
black toner 1500 @ 5%,
Colours 1000 @5%

Pretty good printer for general use at a nice price.

Umart also have it for the same low price if they are easier to deal with.


  • admin EDITOR
    I reckon you'd be smarter getting the CLP-610 model for $469 from someone like umart (there may be even better prices around) and then claiming the $200 ]mail in rebate offer from Samsung getting you an altogether better printer for $100 more.
  • sandgroper
    Depends on your needs I guess Admin, $100 is $100 bucks saved if you dont have a use for the extra speed and specs of the 610. I think I am probably an average user meaning a few black pages a week for letters and some colour for the kids homework, photos dont come out of Lasers as good as inkjets with secial paper plus its usually cheaper to get prints done via the special offers available on Bucky. The 610 has a bigger footprint, ok its quicker printing colour but $100 worth quicker? Just my opinion ;-)
  • fishmonkey
    the CLP-610 is actually the CLP-610ND... the extra $100 gets you built-in ethernet networking, duplex paper handling, faster printing speeds, plus lower running costs.. apparently the CLP-310 has very small toner cartridges, which are expensive to replace... with the Samsung cash back, the CLP-610ND is a great deal if you've got the extra $100 to spare... but if your needs are very modest and you don't have space for the beast, then the CLP-310 is still a good printer, albeit more expensive to run...

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