Samsung 250 GB Hard Disk DVD Recorder @ My Digital Home $492.99

11 September 2007

I like hard drive DVD recorders. To me they just make sense.

This is the cheapest unit price I could. The average is $550 upwards but there are a couple of other stores with a price fairly close to this. If you not Sydney based then shipping might mean there's a better deal to be had from someone closer to home.

In any case the 250 gig version is a better buy than the 160

* Up-scaling 1080i DVDR
* Simplified recording with EZ record mode
* HDMI Digital Interface with CEC
* Full multi format recording capability
* Full time slip functionality
* 250GB HDD for 441* hrs of recording
* One touch recording
* Divix Play back
* Auto chaptering
* Front DV input
* HDMI cable in the box

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    they advertise a 2% discount for purchases bought by direct deposit - just noticed. I'd be wary about that until I knew that they were good etc. I know nothing about these guys - just thought the unit they had up was cheap.

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