Samsung 1Tb F1 Drive $157.95 at Mwave

20 February 2009

Credit to Mwave with their daily deal. They usually do put the gear out at a good price. This is about $10 cheaper than the nearest competitor I could find for the same drive. Only thing you might want to be careful about is that there's apparently a few samsung drives suffering hardware faults - though not sure if thats restricted to a particular model or not.

Mwave also throws in a pair of headphones in the price but they're pretty crappy and not really worth mentioning.

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  • fishmonkey
    the price is $155.95 on their site at the moment... btw, it was Seagate drives in that other thread, not Samsungs... Samsung describes these drives as "EcoGreen", but i suspect that the reduced power usage is mainly due to the fact that the drives are only 5400RPM, which is rare for a 3.5" sized desktop drive these days (almost all 3.5" drives are at least 7200RPM)...

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