Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set shipped for $362.52 by

3 April 2013 is having a 30% off promo on this Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-5 Set, with a price of $362.52 including delivery.

BUT, get a further $50 off if you're an "Amazon Mom" member by applying the promo code available on the Voucher. That drops the final price down to $312.90.

In reference to an earlier blog post made on buckscoop, you can actually become an Amazon Mom member without paying anything! See here:

By comparison, Angus & Robertson are offering the same set for $549 and for $494.10.


  • Captainjack
    You can find all of the other languages to which this promo code applies here.
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  • stevehl
    I suggest that offers better teaching tools for Mandarin. You will find very modern lessons as distinct from the many "old" topics such as counting, saying hello etc found is outdated learning tools. Chinesepod has very relevant lessons which keep pace with current topics. Free trial is available, discount for students too. It has elementary, advanced, intermediate, upper intermediate levels and very active discussion forums. One subscription covers Android and iphone/ipad devices and PC. Download and save MP3 and PDF files. On Android tablets (I assume iPad also) you can listen to each lesson, listen to the dialog only, review new words, see pinyin, English, word lists, listen to text line by line, translation to English line by line etc.

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