Retravision - $10 50 CD-R Spindle, $20 8gb Toshiba USB drive and more

19 January 2010

Hi all, was looking through the weekly catalogues and noticed that retravision here in WA had some good deals. Not sure if its exclusive to WA but I thought its worth posting :)

The best deals I saw were:
- $10 - Laser 50 CD-R Spindle
- $20 - 8gb Toshiba USB drive
- $28 - Laser Webcam Twin Pack ($14 for a webcam!)
- $99 - 1TB Buffalo external hard drive (I'm thinking its a 3.5" hard drive)

Hope you guys can get some of these if you wanted them :D


  • admin EDITOR
    Not a bad price on the buffalo hard drive - about 10-20 cheaper than elsewhere.
  • craftykiwi
    Hubby has been looking for one of these lately and noticed lots of good deals at Harvey Norman too but some of the brands on special he looked at were just a box with connections. He works with computers and recommends getting one with a fan or air holes as a safety concern cos these things can get hot. So good idea to check.

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