Refurbished iPod shuffle 1GB @ Apple $50 - Still available!

24 March 2007

There was one of these out last week for $79 - this is an even better price. It'll come to about $67 delivered once you take cashback and delivery into account. Pretty good for something thats still retailing at $110 or so. And its a double the size of the 512k that they've got in there at $44. We cant deeplink in there so go to the store and refurbished ipod on the left hand side.

Holds up to 240 songs
12-hour rechargeable battery
22 grams
0.8 cm thin
Built-in USB connector
Apple earphones

02/12/2007 - have edited as the price has 'dropped' to a eye watering (yes this is sarcasm) $50....


  • wheadle
    Not a bad price on the 1gb shuffle. love the size of them, so easy to carry around
  • nod
    Awesome price on this. I paid $49 for a 512mb for my sisters xmas
  • nelly
    I am definitely going to get this - bargain - half the price of the RRP :)
  • nod
    Bumping this too as the 1GB is available again in the Apple refurb store - now 3% cashback Make sure you are logged in and complete the transaction in one go...significantly increases your chances of the transaction tracking properly
  • admin EDITOR
    This is making me chuckle. I want to know how long this particular iPod is going to stay in the refurb section and how low the price is going to go. So far its taken Apple a year to drop it from $79 to $59 and now to $50. I want to see it hit $30 with free delivery.
  • Brad
    ]Here is Elegant's Tip on how to get a $25 discount at the Apple Store if you are a new customer and are spending over $249.

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