Refurbished iPod mini 6GB

15 November 2006

I do like these re-furb deals. Even if they've got a little bit of wear on them they still come with a 1 year warranty. Hmmm stack a brand new 2gb silver unit up against a mini 6Gb. They're both expected to last about 1 year (on reputation) - one has some scuff marks the other doesnt. Ones $30 or more cheaper (if you factor in shipping), smaller and has 4Gb more space......!

There's a few on sale here. Silver, Green, Blue and Pink (if you really must)

No cashback yet on apple unfortunately. Go to the main page > Special Deals > Refurbished ipods.

Holds up to 1,500 songs
Up to 18 Hours Battery Life
104 grams
5 x 9 x 1.25 cms
Belt Clip
Earbud Earphones
USB 2.0 cable

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  • admin EDITOR
    18th Nov - There are only the green and pink ones left at the moment.

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