Refurbished 20GB iPod $179 - HALF PRICE! PLUS 3% cashback

31 May 2007

If you wanted to buy one of these new it appears they would set you back about $400 - well that is what Staticice and Shopbot tell me.
So to pick up a refurb for $179 delivered with a 1 year limited warranty, I think, is a bargain

Specs listed on the Apple site:
"- Apple Certified Refurbished iPod w/ color display
- 20GB: holds up to 5,000 songs
- Lasts up to 15 hours on a single battery charge
- 167 grams
- 10.4 x 6.1 x 1.60 cm
Now in Living Color
Everything looks better in color. With iPod, everything sounds better, too. This 20GB iPod has a 2-inch, 65,536-colour LCD display. You can carry an entire library of music up to 5,000 songs and full-color album cover art."

Plus your Buckscoop cashback of course - don't forget to login before you buy

We can't deep link in Apple so please click on the deal and then go to the Refurb iPod link in the menu on the left hand side. The 20gb is about 2/3the way down the page


  • schlemster
    Mates got one of these. You get your reddies worth for $179. Voted hot :w00t:
  • nod
    Just checked the Apple site and this item is still available and now a better buy with 3% cashback until the end of June
  • Emma EDITOR
    Got quite hot as well! :)
  • nod
    Well it is a really good buy at this price. :)
  • schlemster
    hey the apple cashback rate has changed nice one
  • nod
    Just til the end of June Schlemster
  • mouldgirl
    Do they only have white?
  • nod
    Looks like white only :)

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