Rank Arena 40" Full HD LCD TV - $799 @ Target (From 26th)

24 December 2009

From Boxing Day you can get your hands on a 40" full HD LCD for less than $800 at Target.

It's not a brand I know toooo much about, but if you're looking for a big TV at a low price this looks like a good buy.

It's listed as 101cm, which works out to be 39.76"

Receive all digital free to view channels where available.
Full HD 1080p.
HD tuner built in.
2x HDMI.
1920 x 1080 full high definition resolution.
Contrast ratio 2500:1.
Blu-ray Disc ready.
Digital TV ready.
High definition in-built digital tuner.

This offer not available at Target Country stores unless stated otherwise.


  • osValdoVilla
    wow .. do Rank Arena still make TVs !!!
  • Michelle2154
    They are crap, I used to work for Target and the amount that got returned was huge. Stay away from these TV's.

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