Preowned Gamecube console $10 @ EB Games

14 January 2009

Found this on EB after checking out stock for the DS. Going to see if they have any games. Near me in Qld limited stock


  • wheadle
    no games at games warehouse or replay games. :(
  • kazyazy
    ebay has some games
  • wheadle
    EB games have all their pre owned cube games out at $5 each. limited range. some joints will price match. jb and game
  • wheadle
    ]link for $5 games
  • lisss
    Brilliant, I'm going to recommend this to a family I know who have toddlers who are jealous of their older brother's xbox!!!
  • Keeys
    None near us :( I was thinking it would be great for the kids bedroom since the games can also be played on the wii in the loungeroom. Goodluck to those who can find them in stores near them :)
  • wheadle
    yeah check the availability in your area. sale has been on for a few days

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