Pre- Order Dead Island Riptide DLC: Survivor Pack (PS3) For $43.80 (shipped) @ The Hut

19 April 2013

You can pre-order the soon to be released Dead Island Riptide DLC: Survivor Pack (PS3) for just $43.80 (shipped) at The Hut. The price includes a 10% discount that you get from using the “AA10” promo code.

This is the best price I have been able to find for the PS3 edition. Zavvi is offering it at the same base price but without the additional 10% off so the overall Zavvi price is currently more.
Both The Hut and Zavvi are selling the PC edition for $30.70 (shipped) and the XBOX 360 edition for $48.45 (shipped). No promo codes apply to the PC and XBOX 360 edition on either Zavvi or The Hut.

The release date for this item is 26 April 2013.

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