Pre-order a Sony 60Gb PS3 console @ Sony for $893.70 delivered.

20 February 2007

:) - alright - we've figured out a way to get the Sony Playstation 3 on preorder for $893.70. This is better than our efforts the other day which were a pre-order for 964.

To get it, you need to use the voucher attached to this deal at the Sony style site (you'll see the code box when you go through the order process). This gets you $100 off the price. You then get $18.24 cashback from sony on the purchase when you click through from Buckscoop, just make sure your logged in here. The delivery charge is $12 which is part of the $893 you pay.....

I reckon thats not a bad deal.


  • pow a.
    Very nice :) So that's $132.70 off effectively after cashback!
    The PLAYSTATION®3 is a revolutionary digital entertainment hub. In addition to next generation gaming, the PLAYSTATION®3 has a 60GB built-in and expandable Hard Disk Drive allowing for the easy storage, transfer and management of your digital Photos, Video and Music. It adopts Blu-ray disc ™, providing more storage of gaming content and the ability to playback high definition movies at the highest resolution available today - 1080p. It has a 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port and a comprehensive Web browser allowing you to surf the web from your TV. It supports a variety of inputs from USB to Bluetooth® allowing you to plug in everything from a keyboard to your digital camera. The PLAYSTATION®3 moves your digital lifestyle from the office to the living room. Whether it's Gaming, Blu-ray Disc™ Movies, Music or Online entertainment services – This is Living, with PLAYSTATION®3.
  • admin EDITOR
    its pretty good seeing as it cost $999 or so everywhere else.
  • nod
    :w00t: very nice price for the new PS3
  • admin EDITOR
    :o:o ummmmmmm - I just realised that I screwed up. We originally listed this with cashback at 4% BUT I just realised that its actually cashback at 2% - so I've adjusted the details above. I apologise for my stupidity to anyone who cares. Its still a good bargain - just $14 less of one than I originally thought. PS - anyone who bought one through here before today - send us an email and we will honour the $32 amount we posted in the original deal thread.
  • nod
    Just seen that Chaos have the PS3 pre order for $999.95 :eek: expensive!

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