Plextor 128Gb Sata 6Gb/s SSD (PX-128M5S) for $79 at MSY (Wednesday only)

3 June 2013

Available only on Wednesday instore or online, MSY are going to be selling the Plextor 128Gb Sata 6Gb/s SSD (read up to 520Mb/s, write up to 200MB/s) for just $79. Sounds like pre-order is available tomorrow (Tuesday) both online & instore.

Note, this is Plextor's standard level M5S SSD. Performance is apparently very similar to that of the Samsung 840, but I've read that many prefer the MLC NAND in the PX-128M5S vs the TLC NAND in the 840, due to longevity concerns surrounding TLC.

Doing a quick price match on this drive I see that are selling it for $129.80, $111.00 (incl. delivery) and for $125.

What do you think?

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