Playstation 3, Resistance Fall of Man, Motorstorm, 2 controllers - $988 in-store @ KMart

31 July 2007

I think this is a pretty good price for this Playstation 3 console package deal, which includes the games Resistance Fall of Man, Motorstorm, and 2 sixaxis wireless controllers. It is $998 @ Kmart, as shown in the latest catalogue. Even after the recent price drops on the console, many stores still have the console alone at this price (never mind with the extra games and controllers!)


  • Emma EDITOR
  • admin EDITOR
    think the lowest I've seen the console for recently was just under $900. But then I havent had a good search around.
  • nod
    Hot vote from me I personally would have thought that the price would have dropped more considering all the backlash when this first launched.. ie expensive and locked
  • lilpretzel

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