Pioneer Tablet for $50 delivered from Big W

18 January 2012

The Pioneer DreamBook internet device and eBook allows wireless access to the internet with all your favourite apps, email, books etc. Now updated with Android 2.1 It features an improved battery life, larger Wi-Fi range, new user interface, and 5 DRM eBook app's including Aldiko, Amazon Kindle, Angus, Boders, Kobo, all ready for use.
**FREE DELIVERY** for online purchases


  • Keeys
    reviews don't look good for this one :( Anyone with a bit of knowledge have some advice on this one?
  • ninkasi
    Might want to read the comments when this was listed originally ]here. In general I would say that it's a cheap tablet, but there are reasons why it's so cheap.
  • admin EDITOR
    $50 is about the equivalent of 11 cups of coffee which would be about 3.5 days supply for me - damn thats cheap.
  • queenshrew
    Seriously cheap cos it's seriously bad. Obviously they get returned so Big W resells the returns. Think they will be in stock for awhile until people stop returning them :p I predict their future will be in a landfill near you by 2013. I got a refund for mine, but took me a very long time to get my refund/postage back. However, Big W did apologise and gave me an extra $10 for my trouble, so I guess at least the retailer ended up being reliable. However - I seriously would avoid this 'bargain' if I were you. Too much hassle and frankly it is not worth it. Junk with a big 'J'. :(
  • lilpretzel
    Out Of Stock! Those customers are in for a real shock..

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