Philips 240SW9 24" 16:10 1920x1200 LCD monitor, $363 @ InstantIT

4 February 2009

around $60 cheaper than any of the other online computer stores...

i can't find a review for this monitor in any language, but Philips is one of the quality LCD manufacturers...

the actual monitor appears here on the official Philips website:

the monitor has VGA and DVI-D inputs and supports HDCP (that's the nasty content protection protocol that monitors need to display protected hi-def content)...

the email i got from InstantIT says there is a 3 year warranty, and i believe Philips has a zero dead pixel policy...

Instant IT is also offering $12+gst (i guess that means $13.20) flat rate shipping for items under 50kg, for the month of February...


  • admin EDITOR
    nice find fishmonkey
  • betaman
    It's a TN panel. I guess good value for games.
  • admin EDITOR
    How do you mean betaman ?
  • fishmonkey
    there are several different types of LCD panel, the most common (and generally cheapest) are the TN (Twisted Nematic) panels... the main types are TN, VA (Vertical Alignment) and IPS (In Plane Switching)... the best monitors use IPS panels, but they come at a premium price... middle of the road monitors use VA panels... for a rough guide at how panel type relates to monitor pricing, check out the monitors on the Dell website... that said, for most home or business users, TN panels are fine... it's a different story if you work in graphic design, photography or film of course... the one real advantage that TN panels have over the other kinds (which have better viewing angles and colour reproduction) is fast response times, which makes them good for games which have fast abrupt image transitions... here is a quick summary of the different panel types:

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