Pansonic THP42S10A 42" Viera full HD + Panasonic blue ray + 6 months of Quickflix $1299

19 February 2010

Not a bad offer from Wow Sight & Sound. The basic price of the tellie is either $100 more than the cheapest other I can see or $100 less than what the common market price seems to be - but what make this pretty good value is the blue ray player and the six months of Quickflix membership.

Interestingly - the promo shows the quickflix offer while the page on the wow site doesnt. If your buying make sure you get the quickflix - shown here ( and I'll post the picture below.


  • admin EDITOR
    The promo with quickflix mentioned.
  • melscott28
    i think you can get the promotion anywhere with that tv
  • jdstacey
    Good price Donkey. Panasonic are still the kings of Plasma (excluding Pioneer of course).
  • admin EDITOR
    Ahhhh - the blue ray and quickflix are provided as part of a redemption offer from Panasonic so your right melscott. Details at the bottom of the page ]here. Costs you $25 to submit the claim ..... !! You can save another $10 if you buy it from ]Digital Centre (priced at $1280)
  • taskel
    You get the DMP-BD65 Blu-Ray Player free - see ]here & there's 20,000 available (now 1800 or so) With the quickflix you can get 2 DVDs at a time, maximum of 4 a month. (Valued at $15 a month x 6 months.) If you do go for any of the panny deals, remember to send the reciept etc within 21 days to be eligible. :)

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