Panasonic - Purchase selected Full HD Plasmas & get free Blu-Ray home theatre or player

22 May 2010

If you purchase one of a selected number of Panasonic plasmas you will be able to claim a free blu-ray home theatre (SC-BT230 + $45 shipping) *or* a blu-ray player (DMP-BD65 + $30 shipping). Both will come with the Avatar movie. RRP for the two packs is $728 and $328 respectively.

The home theatre is for:
TH-P65/58/50/V10A; TH-P54Z1A; TH-P54/50/42V20A
The blu-ray player is for:

So for example, the cheapest I found online tonight for the TH-P46U20A is $1389 (at, but probably can have it price matched). So (assuming you were going to buy the blu-ray player etc anyway) that effectively makes it $1061 for a pretty nice 46 inch plasma....

Deal runs until 11th July


  • ninkasi
    The ]BLu-Ray home theatre package actually seems pretty good... * Wireless Ready for Rear Speakers: Wiring becomes much easier by simply connecting the rear speakers to the Wireless Receiver Unit, which receives radio wave transmission from the main unit. * DLNA certified (WIFI ready): Seamless integration into the home network, enabling recorded content to be watched in a different room. * VIErA Cast online entertainment (WIFI ready): Access popular Internet sites YouTubeTM, PicasaTM, Bloomberg and local content coming soon. * Universal dock for iPod & iPhone: Play favourite music straight from an iPod or iPhone.
  • wfdTamar
    It is only 5.1 though, not 7.1, which if you're talking Bluray is what you would want (at least provision for the extra two later). '7.1ch Virtual Surround Even though the SC-BT230 is a 5.1-channel speaker system, Panasonic's virtual technology lets the user enjoy Dolby® TrueHD and DTS™-HD 7.1-channel surround sound. If you do not have the space to install eight speakers, you can still enjoy life-like sounds that rival 7.1-channel systems.' So does that mean it can decode TrueHD & DTSHD? Can you add the extra two speakers for a proper 7.1 system?
  • ninkasi
    Well, for 7.1 you generally would need to get a receiver that costs around this amount, not including the speakers or blu Ray player... And did I mention it's free? ;-) Still, you might able to hook up some extra powered speakers if you needed to.... For most people 5.1 is good enough (and certainly way better than the speakers in the tv itself). Would note that Harvey Norman currently have the 50U20A for $1499.... (so get blu ray player with that)
  • ninkasi
    and can get the TH-P42V20A for ]$1798. RRP is $1999 (although ]here, they say it's $1699). Either way, you would end up with a very nice 42 inch plasma and blu ray home theatre ...
  • ninkasi
    Went into DJ's at Southland, and they price matched Harvey Norman's $1499 for the TH-P50U20A without hesitation. Was tempted by the TH-P42V20A, but as much as the better screen and features were tempting, the bigger screen was more than good enough for the kids. Also didn't really like the metal frame. Frankly was tempted by the HD (not full HD) LG 50 inch screen that was on sale there for $799.... but the full HD & bonus blu ray player was the clincher for me.
  • ninkasi
    and the blu ray player turned up during the week.... Might watch Avatar this weekend! ;-)
  • admin EDITOR
    The stroyline is a bit lame but the graphics are sublime. I'd like to see it in 3D now.
  • ninkasi
    Yes - my wife loved it, but I was a bit on the "meh" side. Story was all done before in numerous books/films such as Ferngully. Still, it was "free"...

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