Panasonic High Def Plasma TV 106cm (42") + Bonus Digital Set Top Box, Speakers + Stand $1399

14 May 2008

Click through to see all the specs as it would fill the page here.

High Definition 1024 x 768 pixels 10000:1 Contrast ratio RGB, S-Video, RS-232 Inputs
PC Input
AV Input
AV Output
Advanced Dual Picture Mode
4 x Digital zoom
Full function remote control
This product comes with a 12 month warranty

As a bonus included are, speakers, which have been valued by the manufacturer at $470, and a stand valued at $99.00, if sold separately. To even further enhance your viewing experiencing you'll also receive a digital set top box.


  • sandgroper And free delivery too, plus cashback.
  • admin EDITOR
    The speakers, stand and set top box make it a pretty reasonable deal.

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