Panasonic-DMC-SZ1-R 16.1 MP Digital Camera (red) shipped for $99 at Bing Lee

4 July 2013

The sale price on the Panasonic-DMC-SZ1-R- 16.1 MP Digital Camera-Red at Bing Lee is $99 including shipping. After comparing prices, I found that VP has the same camera priced $196.90 and TheRealDeal is selling it for $198.79 (Both inclusive of shipping). Most of the other retailers are selling the camera for over $200. This includes Digital Hardware, MegaBuy, ItSpot, WA Computers, and Maxo.

• Optical Zoom- 10x
• Color- Red
• LCD Screen- 3”
• 24mm Wide Angle

Deal ends July 7, 2013

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