Palm TREO 650 Smartphone @ Organiser World $499

23 December 2006

OW tend to do some pretty good prices and this is one.

The TREO 650 PDA. No cashback from OW unfortunately but still a good price.

Bluetooth wireless technology
Sharper display
Built-in MP3 player
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Non-volatile memory
Better camera now captures video,
Combined text and picture messaging
GSM/GPRS model: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz world phone
Intel PXA270 312 MHz processor
22MB user-available stored non-volatile memory
Removable rechargeable lithium ion battery
GSM/GPRS model: Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 300 hours standby time
Palm OS® 5.4


  • scotty
    That's quite a good deal. Except that it is available on Optus plans only, i.e. contracts. :( Almost took out my credit card for one.
  • nod
    Yeah good point scotty Can you unlock the phone I wonder. Telstra charge $50 b4 contract finishes and about $26 after to unlock the network. But not sure with these guys. Anyone know or have any ideas? I just had a look around and the palm 650 is $690 unlocked so well worth $50 if that is all it takes - and you are still making a nice saving
  • admin EDITOR
    I did wonder about that while I was reading up on it. Got too subsumed in the geeky bits of it and forgot to follow it down. :D Thanks very much for letting us know Scotty.
  • admin EDITOR
    scotty - there was a new unlocked one of these listed in the Harris clearance bin for $700 but was missing its battery cover and stylus. I didnt list it as I didnt see the price as anything special over a new one with those bits.

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