Ozstock - Free Ozstock Day - 2 Packs of 4 Genuine Energizer AA Alkaline Batteries + $4.90 Shipping

8 June 2009

FREE Ozstock Day today, you will get 2 x packs of 4 Genuine Energizer AA Alkaline Batteries (total 8 pcs), as usual, you pay for the postage.

* Genuine Energizer
* No mercury added
* Use by 2012
* Made in Singapore


  • lisss
    Hot - I grabbed some, always good to have spare batteries around!
  • lilpretzel
    Offer on again! I received mine yesterday (delivery seems a bit long) all good but not the ones you would buy in Woolworths, Coles etc etc these are parallel imports.
  • melissanj
    yay bought some more :) hopefully these ones will be in their packets :s ....my last lot had 'fallen' out
  • queenshrew
    I ordered when it was first posted and mine arrived last week. I'm also in Brisbane... Was really happy with mine :)
  • Kotche
    Excellent, I need to restock for my Wii controllers. Thanks!
  • cnitso
    Awesome deal. Thanks guys

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