ozstock - Ex-Lease Apple iMac A1225 All-In-One Desktop, Keyboard and Mouse ONLY $780 + del

24 May 2012

Ex Lease 24 inch iMac for $780 plus delivery

I have seen these on eBay for $1200 ish no a pretty good buy at under $800. I would have bought one but I need a mac mini instead!

24" LCD/C2D 2.8GHz CPU/4GB RAM/320GB HDD/DVD-RW/Apple Remote. Strictly Limited Stock!


  • Macsaver
    Not worth more than $600, IMHO.
  • Pookie
    Thanks Macsaver but why do you think that. They are going for a lot more on ebay...im no expert on these but this one is a similar spec (slower speed but bigger HD) and going for more ]ebay link
  • Macsaver
    I bought two recently, eBay and Gumtree.

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