Ozstock - 12 PCS DURACELL Alkalline Batteries - Choose AA or AAA, or Both $7.98 + $4.98 Shipping

19 June 2010

If your close pickup available making more of a bargain

* Genuine Duracell alkaline batteries
* 12 pieces per pack
* 1.5Volt
* Expiry date: March 2016

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  • ninkasi
    Not bad, but the shipping hurts. Can walk into a Bunnings or Officeworks and can get alkalines for that price or cheaper. For example ]here you can get a box of 48 batteries for $13.95. That equates to $0.29 per battery versus $0.66 ($1.08 if you have 'em shipped) per battery at ozstock. Yep the ones I'm talking about are not "name brand" or at least don't have the marketing behind them that the likes of Duracell & Energizers have - but personally I find the cheaper alkalines perform about the same as the way more expensive jobs....

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