Optus Broadband - $30 rebate.

14 November 2006

Valid until 18/12/06 Optus are offering a $30 credit to new residential broadband customers who sign up online. Add this to your cashback and its a sweetener - a couple of months for free on the light connections but not huge if your taking the 512k options.

They did/do have a $0 connection fee up but read on for more about this.

If your a preexisting customer bundle it together with your mobile or landline and they'll drop $10 per month off the charges.

If you can get all of these bits you end up with $169 for a years 256k connection (havent included the connection fee in this so add that in when you know what it is).

Now - here's where things get blurry again. When you go into the sign up process Optus are still touting the free connection when you bundle with other Optus services - so it may be available.

Add to that - there is a promotional code around at the moment BBkW2 which gives you 2 months free, but codes may not always work so be cautious on relying on it. So - although Optus arent the cheapest you can find if your looking at starting up with them on a light service this would be a cheap way to get in there.

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