OO.com.au - Lexmark X4875 3-in-1 Colour Inkjet Printer $114.90 Delivered + Buckscoop Cashback

12 October 2009

OO.com.au have this 3-in-1 Colour Inkjet, Wireless Printer, Scanner and Copier by Lexmark reduced to $99.95 until 11.59pm 14/10/09. With a flat rate delivery of $14.95, you'll pay a total of $114.90. The cheapest I found was $137, however they didn't have any in stock. Next price was $147. So a good saving.

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    Have used one of these. They're not a bad printer. Wireless setup works relatively painlessly. The connection off different machines can be a little temperamental - some machines will show in the connected list (for scanning etc you need to be able to send the image to a machine off the printer so it needs to be visible) others wont - but printing generally works fine. My one gripe with these - they eat catridges and the cartridges are expensive - although there's gotta be generic rip offs around by now.

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