Once: Win a top of the range HP laptop

29 September 2007

Welcome to Snapdash, the fun, simple game from Snapfish.

Points mean prizes and the more you collect the better the prize. Lots of prizes to be won, from Snapfish goodies to HP iPaqs and a laptop.

Practice in the fun game and then sign up for 3 attempts to play for prizes. You can even challenge your friends with your own mini league.


  • photographyisart
    My brother and I entered this and completely forgot about it after we used our 3 attempts and were knocked off the list. Then surprisingly for my birthday I got a little card as an extra on my present which read remember the snapdash competition. We actually won 100 free prints under my brothers attempts and he gave me them as a bonus, which was nice. Obviously some people had created multiple accounts and they were disqualified. :) hows that for karma :) now the annoying thing is we still dont have the credits for the free prints and free shipping yet and no response from snapfish.
  • admin EDITOR
    I started reading your post and thought..... you won the computer...... :)
  • photographyisart
    :) i wish, that would have been nice

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