Once: Received - FIRST 1000 PALGN Members - Win 1 Of 1000 Copies Of Fury On PC

10 December 2007


To celebrate the December 14th launch of Fury's huge new add-on Age of The Chosen, Brisbane based developer Auran has kindly offered to give away 1000 copies of Fury to PALGN readers.

To grab your copy of the PC game, simply be only of the first 1000 people to answer the following question correctly; In what city is Fury's developer, Auran based? To make it extra easy it's even multiple choice!

Get in quick before all the copies are gone!


  • lilpretzel
    UPDATE: All Copies of Fury have now been allocated. Thanks to everyone who entered
  • elegantegotist
    That was quick ! Blink and you miss something on buckscoop.
  • lilpretzel
    Just received mine :confused: Came in original box just like you would buy in the shops, will make a great :christmastree: :present:

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