Once: Loads of great prizes for completing PC Authority survey! (E.g. laptops, Dell PCs)

18 August 2007

PC Authority hold an annual Reliability & Service Awards Survey, and they have gathered up loads of prizes from various retailers as an incentive to get us to complete the forms.

I found the link on the MWave site... obviously saying to vote for them! But anyway, you can vote for who you want, and be in with the chance of winning something from up 60 prizes worth $40,000 that you could win after filling in this survey including two stunning $3000 laptops from Fujitsu, 18 Nvidia graphics cards and motherboards from Albatron, a $3000 state-of-the-art Dell XPS PC, Adobe's entire range of software (the $4500 Master Collection) and much much more!

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  • Brad
    I love a good ol' comp every now and then. Do you know if the survey is very long? It kinda looks like it.

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