OMNI Black Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones with FM transmitter $9.95 + ship @ Topbuy today

23 June 2009

* Wireless headphone
* Chat on Internet (Have mic in the receiver)
* Wireless monitoring
* FM radio: The receiver can search automatically
* Effective: 8m
* Use for TV, VCD, DVD, PC
This product comes with a 12 month Manufacturer Warranty;

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  • fishmonkey
    cheap, very cheap... most likely the sound quality of these is pretty average... for starters the frequency response is listed as 30Hz–10KHz, so everything will probably sound like it is coming through a telephone... also, they operate in the FM radio 83MHz–108MHz frequency range, which is where most Australian FM radio stations transmit, so interference may well be an issue (better FM wireless units use the 900MHz range)...

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