Omni 4GB media player at Top Buy for $89 + free shipping with paypal

18 March 2008

*Comes in 4 colours, Mid Night Black, Rose Pink,Silver and Royal Blue.


*Memory: 4GB, up to 1000 mp3 files or 2000 wma files
*View and browse JPEG pictures
*Multi-Code player, supports the following media formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV and etc.
*FM Radio
*Voice Recording Function
*Browsing TXT files and Playing Games
*Plug and Play Storage
*7 equalizer settings
*A-B repeat function

Package Content:

*Main Unit
*USB Cable
*User Manual,
*Warranty Card


*12 Months Warranty


  • nod
    These things are half the price of a 4gb nano. Has anyone heard the music quality from one of these things? I would be interested to hear any feedback :)
  • ntsha22
    i actually brought 2 of these of ebay for $26 each...they took a few weeks to arrive, shipped from hong kong, They're ok, operating system is nothing like nanos, a bit slow, but sound quality is pretty decent, I brought one for my 6 year old who was dying for a nano, he thinks its great, But if your interested in getting one, I'd definately have a look on ebay first...

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