Omni 2GB SD Memory Card With Built-in USB Connection 133X High Speed $49.95

Omni 2GB SD Memory Card With Built-in USB Connection 133X High Speed $49.95 plus 4.15% in cashback.

This high performance SD memory card with built-in USB connector, can be plugged in to any USB port without the use of an adaptor or card reader.

It states in the features that it's 66x speed, which is fine, but in the title it says 133x speed, so hopefully it's the latter.

* 2GB SD Memory Card
* 66X High Speed Memory Card
* Up to 20MB / Sec read
* USB2.0 Connector for FAST Direct Connection to Computer
* Plug and play connectivity
* Support windows/ MAC OS/Linux
* Compliant with the specifications of the compact flash association or the SD Card Association or Multimedia Card Association


  • pow a. Compatibility List Phone: O2 XDA, O2 XDA II, O2 XDA EXEC, Orange SPV M5000, T-Mobile MDA 5, iMate JASJAR, T-Mobile MDA, Sendo X, Orange M1000, Orange M2000, Sanyo S750, Sharp/Vodafone GX-30, iMate PDA2K, iMate JAM, QTEK 2020, QTEK 8080, Qtek S100, Orange/Palm Treo 600, Treo 650, Orange SPV E100/E200, Motorola A920/A925, PDA: HP IPAQs (with SD slot), Palm Tungsten/ Zire (with SD slot), Fujitsu Loox, Dell Axim etc.. Digital cameras: / digital video cameras: Panasonic, Canon IXUS range, Pentax Optio, Casio Exilim, Nikon, new Sanyo HD1 High-def Video camera Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
  • nod
    2Gb SD card for $48 is good (cashback about 2 bucks) thanks for the deal Pow :) The lifetime manufacturer warranty with this card is good to see
  • admin
    thats very very smart. Its about time someone brought out something like this that you can just bang straight into USB. Nice find Pow.

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