4 June 2007


With the new Olympus SP-510 UZ by your side, you'll never miss the action again

Thanks to its powerful 10x optical zoom lens photographers can reach out to distant subjects and bring them in closer. And theres no need to worry when the sun starts to set and natural light fades away thanks to Olympus own BrightCapture Technology, the SP-510UZ delivers great results even in low-light conditions, boasting the highest light sensitivity ISO 4000 of any currently available digital compact camera.

With its 10x optical zoom, you can now open up to amazing shooting opportunities to give you a decisive advantage in an enormous range of shooting situations. Furthermore, when in the 3.0 million pixel mode a special Fine Zoom option is available that boosts magnification to a whooping 15x. Getting you closer to the action.

You're at a live concert, a party, the aquarium or a candelight dinner and you dont want to disturb the atmosphere by using your flash? Now you dont have to: with the BrightCapture Technology you'll be able to get great images even in low light conditions and you'll be able to see subjects up to 4x brighter on the high-contrast LCD screen. The SP-510UZ is also equipped with a shakeproof anti blur mode that automatically boosts sensitivity in response to subject light levels. And that's not all, the SP-510UZ is also energy efficient with just one set of AA batteries lasting up to 630 shots, so you can never miss out on the action!

The SP-510UZ features a newly developed 1/2.5 inch, 7.1 megapixel, high definition CCD and a high-resolution lens that maximises CCD performance to assure excellent image quality in a wide range of situations. In addition, proprietary Olympus TruePic TURBO image processing enhances image definition and reduces noise to assure sharp, clear imaging, and boosts recording and playback speed to provide a more enjoyable shooting experience.

I noticed this same camera at $2147483647
so an astronomical June Deal Hunt!! bargain saving of
about $2147483275, although elsewhere you can snap them up for as little as $399.


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - hows that for a pricesaving. 2 bill, 147 milll, 483k, 275..... who's the penta target market - bill gates?
  • nod
    :eek: what a June Bargain Hunt indeed :D Me thinks even Bill Gates might pass at that price Funky looking camera though, Thanks Holdenmg... I think you are in fine form for the Deal Hunt.... one hour before the challenge begins :D
  • wheadle
    Found a review ]Olympus
  • wheadle
    Good price mate. Cheers
  • nod
    Ah cool... thanks for locating a review Wheadle.

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