Olympus FE210 Digital Camera @ Dick Smiths $148

1 September 2007

Its a year old model and 'only' 7.1 MP but as a cheap and cheerful camera this is a great price.

Otherwise selling for $180 - $200. Only available until tomorrow (end of I suspect) :-) sorry. I tend to boycott DSE as usually their prices are close to extortionate.

# Image Sensor: 1⁄2.5"
# Effective Pixels: 7.1MP
# Optical Zoom: 3 x
# Digital Zoom: 4 x ⁄ 12 x combined with optical zoom
# Fine Zoom: No
# ShakeProof: Anti Blur Mode: higher ISO
# Lens Structure: 6 lenses in 5 groups; 4 aspherical lenses


  • Emma EDITOR
    Ooh er missus. It appears we have a few trigger happy cold voters... I wonder why. It would be great if you could give us a brief reason... e.g. Is it cheaper elsewhere? Have you had bad experiences with this retailer? Brand? etc etc
  • fairybelle
    I was just thinking that myself, wonder why everyone is so disliking this deal... Seems ok to me
  • nod
    I second Jayne We have no problem at all with deals beng voted cold - that is what the site is all about. But it would help us all if you could let us know why you think it is not a good deal. If you find it somewhere cheaper then share, it would be very much appreciated :flowers:

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