Olin Digital STB (SD) - $49.95 - Deals Direct - Cashback 5.85%

12 September 2007

From the site:
"Watch your favourite television programs in crisp digital format on your standard analogue TV with the DVBT-10 Digital Set Top Box from Olin. Complete with a full function remote control, instruction manual and a superb 12 month warranty, you can watch amazing quality TV in complete simplicity and enjoy the superior features that are a staple of the Olin brand. An absolute bargain, don't miss your chance to own one of these before stocks run out!"

Shipping: $9.95 Australia Wide

This is more than the unit I found at DSE, but which was unavailable in my area. It's cheaper than the unit I ended up buying at Coles ($60) - but only just once you factor postage. I don't know how units differ, but Deals Direct also has an alternate unit at the same price. Check the specs if you're interested.


  • ScarletRubies
  • ScarletRubies
    People might be interested in seeing if a ]local DSE has the $29 unit; otherwise, $49.95 is the best price I can find right now. Some local B&Ms have had them at the same price, but stock levels are always unpredictable. I just rang Dickies, and found out that the $29 unit is a refurb. Still has the same warranty. Not sure which unit I think is more attractive...
  • admin EDITOR
    dse must have a bunch of refurbs. According to the site they have 2 or less in each store and there must be 30 stores in that list. On my calculations thats a heap of the DSE variety that have gone pear shaped.
  • nod
    You can pick up the same unit at Dstore for $39.95 - when you use your $10 store credit they offered with their Birthday deals :) Delivery fees $5.95

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