Oh yea ... another SCREAMER OF A BARGAIN. Kodak Easyshare P850 - $279.

3 July 2007

I'm damn sure this has to be a pricing mistake at Harris......... I cant figure out why the heck else they have it out at this price.

Check it out... The Kodak Easyshare P850 is normally priced at around $500 upwards and indeed Harris have them in the clearance bin for $429..... http://www.ht.com.au/N/-1161+-1346/part/U8086/detail.hts. And that price is for an ex display model.

BUT - look a little closer and you can find the same camera at Harris Technology for $279 brand new ....... go figure. I was a little confused so I added the new one to my cart and it came out at the advertised price.

So anyway. Thats a stunning bargain if they live up to it. The only only thing I can see is that the $279 one is only available for pick up from

Alexandria Business Centre (NSW)
Fyshwick Business Centre (ACT)
North Ryde Business Centre (NSW)
North Sydney Business Centre (NSW)
Osborne Park Business Centre (WA)
Parramatta Business Centre (NSW)
Fortitude Valley Business Centre (QLD)

Sorry Victoria - you dip out. And the $279 price doesnt even take into account the cashback you get.


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - the price of this can even be found as high as $756 still..... ! http://www.doorone.com.au/xFS?KW=Kodak+Easyshare+P850&CLT=SCH&x=30&y=6
  • diider
    Not Fair!:(
  • sandgroper
    Well found Admin, a stonker of a deal! Grab one quick before they sort out the pricing.
  • admin EDITOR
    don tell me diider - your in victoria :)
  • diider
    LOL yep. Times like these make me squeal that I dont live in NSW!
  • admin EDITOR
    I still think their restrictions on delivery are dumb. Why not just sell the unit and charge delivery. Anyway........
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - must be a legit offer. The list of distrib centres that have its gone down by one. Sorry ACT - your now off the list.. [URL="javascript:ParentWindow('/itype/contact/article/business_centres/information_detail.hts#6044', this);"]Alexandria Business Centre (NSW)[/URL] 2 units in stock [URL="javascript:ParentWindow('/itype/contact/article/business_centres/information_detail.hts#6023', this);"]North Ryde Business Centre (NSW)[/URL] 1 unit in stock 1 unit on demonstration [URL="javascript:ParentWindow('/itype/contact/article/business_centres/information_detail.hts#6011', this);"]North Sydney Business Centre (NSW)[/URL] 1 unit in stock [URL="javascript:ParentWindow('/itype/contact/article/business_centres/information_detail.hts#6034', this);"]Osborne Park Business Centre (WA)[/URL] 1 unit on demonstration [URL="javascript:ParentWindow('/itype/contact/article/business_centres/information_detail.hts#6035', this);"]Parramatta Business Centre (NSW)[/URL] 1 unit on demonstration [URL="javascript:ParentWindow('/itype/contact/article/business_centres/information_detail.hts#6029', this);"]Fortitude Valley Business Centre (QLD)[/URL] 1 unit in stock
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    and surprise surprise - they've sold out - or they've realised it was a misprice.

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