Officeworks - WDTV-Live $124

2 December 2010

Amazing price for a fantastic device. I have two. Now cheaper than an Apple TV and way more powerful. Full HD (1080p) versus 720p. Support for numerous file formats.... great device....


  • Wally
    Good price for a fully featured device However one should be aware the next generation - WD TV Live Hub - is released in Australia and comes with an internal 1TB drive but it's price is well over the $200 mark some discussion here
  • ninkasi
    Cool. Hadn't heard about that.... probably another reason to account for the price drop, although I expect that Officeworks were basically just matching a price somewhere else. The web interface and a few other features described ]here sound good..... but can live without the new UI (that may become available for the older devices), hdmi 1.4 (which is mainly a 3D thing) and the 1TB drive (for the same price can get bigger external drives that shift the heat away from the wdtv)..... interesting though. Sounds like the price will be approaching Boxee Box territory, although that doesn't have an internal drive - but it does have some other tricks like a memory card reader and pretty neat keyboard remote....

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