Officeworks - Seagate 880Gb FreeAgent GO Pocket Hard Drive Black $126

4 September 2010

Nice price.


* Windows7, Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, or Business Service Pack-1
* Windows XP Home, Professional, Media Center Edition Service Pack-2
* USB 2.0 Port

Box Contents

* FreeAgent Go Pocket Hard Drive
* FreeAgent software pre-loaded on drive (Windows only)
* Quickstart guide
* Flexible USB travel cable - 18 inches


* 5 Year limited warranty.


  • vipulrm
    This is a real solid deal, the drive being portable (USB powered) and coming with a 5 year warranty. The cheapest 1TB portables cost you almost double and come only with a 2 year warranty.
  • ninkasi
    Definitely fair bang for the buck.... although personally I do have to note that I've had a number of Seagate drives fail on me over the past year. I know at least one person at work who swears by Seagate, as did I, but I'd probably now go the 750Gb WD Passport from Officeworks..... not quite as big and $129.... but..... Again, a personal thing. Perhaps I've just been very unlucky. I will also say that Seagate do honour their warranty - although when I got my third 2.5inch drive back from them it was replaced with a refurbished unit.... which is now sitting on my desk and not in my laptop as I a) had to get a replacement drive anyway so I could use my laptop whilst the drive was off being looked at for a random number of weeks and b) I just don't trust it. Oh, I mention it also after someone at work on Friday told me that their week old Seagate external drive had died.... and my Seagate external drive (some 6 months old) now appears to be on the way out. So, could be just bad luck.... don't know. They do have that warranty.... ;-)
  • SpendThrift
    I had a 1TB Seagate drive that failed on me the day I bought it! I exchanged it for a 1TB WD drive, which I've now had for four months. Will stick to WD from now on.

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