Officeworks- Logitech z5500d 5.1 THX Speakers $222 instore (limited availability)

1 October 2009

Seems that some are getting lucky and finding these at a bargain price instore.
Call around to see if they are in a local store to you.

StatiIce has them at near $400 a set.


  • sandgroper
    Looks like Fluidtek have a lead on these cheap too, not listed on StaticIce but the webpage has them listed at $279 with just 1 set per customer, Today only (close 6pm!) Seems you maybe have to buy a flight control set to get them at this price from Fluidtek.
    Bugger Rang around and all sold out in all Victoria stores!
  • nod
    Not surprised. Anyone managed to get their hands on this?
  • admin EDITOR
    Good speakers - great price. If your thinking of getting these its worth checking that you have an optical output capability on whatever device your plugging it into. If your running them for music off your computer they'll play as 2.1 channel unless you have optical. Also - the ability to play true surround sound requires the soundtrack to whatever your playing to have been encoded in 5 channel. Music off itunes (MP3) for example can be played across all 5 speakers but wont be true surround - although its still pretty good. The woofer on these are like a lump of lead - but give out huge bass. Needs a 1 meter clearance area around it (from other electronics) because of the magnetic field. They come with two long and two short cables and a short centre speaker one. Nice heavy guage cables but for a large room you'll probably need to go get longer ones for one of the speaker pairs.
  • admin EDITOR
    At high volume the bass tends to override the speakers btw. Unless your planning on getting a fairly high end setup these are great value for money with pretty decent sound.
  • denis7
    I called the officeworks jandakot in WA on Friday arvo. They had two sets in stock and I could have put both 2X sets on hold. However, I needed only one and for the other bargain hunters ;) I put only one on hold. Finish work, drive some extra km there and I got mine. The other one was sold already... Fantastic price.
  • admin EDITOR
    Now its time to blow your windows out.....

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