Officeworks - Ipod Nano G5 8GB $168

11 January 2010

Officeworks has this Ipod Nano on sale


* 2.2-inch (diagonal) TFT display.
* Holds up to 2,000 songs, 7,000 iPod-viewable photos, 8 hours of video or a combination of each.
* Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
* Music playback time: Up to 24 hours when fully charged.
* Video playback time: Up to 5 hours when fully charged.
* Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter (sold separately).
* Fast-charge time: about 1.5 hours (charges up to 80% of battery capacity).
* Full-charge time: about 3 hours.
* Built-in video camera.
* FM Radio & Live Pause.
* Available in Green, Black, Purple, Blue, Silver or Pink.

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  • nod
    ShoppingSquare have them for $160 but you would then need to pay the usually over inflated shipping fees. If you were not that fussed about having the lates gen you could pick up the G4 for around $140 - which is even better than the refurb price on Apple

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