Officeworks - Fuji Xerox 3124 mono laser printer - $99

5 November 2009

About 10 to 20 bucks cheaper than elsewhere but the advantage is that you can pick it up and save shipping.

New cartridges come in at about $50. Mono printers are a smart idea if 90% of what you print is black and white - far more efficient.


  • port
    I think there's a 1 missing from the start of the cartridge price - the same catalogue that lists the printer for $99 has the cartridge for $155. Having said that, you can get genuine cartridges drop-shipped for significantly less.
  • admin EDITOR
    ah - yea sorry - its a compatible cartridge. I've got zero qualms about compatibles. $155 is pretty steep for a genuine - you can get them for $125 or so.

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