Officeworks - AAA and AA Alkaline batteries $0.35 each.

3 April 2010

Box of 48 AAA or AA Alkaline batteries for $16.95. Works out to just over $0.35 per battery. I use these all the time (young kids, lots of devices that rechargables simply aren't effective in) and find they perform as well as the Duracells/Energizers of the world. A four pack of AAA Energizers at Officeworks, for example, costs $8.49. That's $2.12 per battery.

So, for less than the price of 8 Energizers you could buy 48 - that's an extra 40 - batteries. Even if the Energizers are better than the "Rayovacs" (and frankly my kids torches & radios can't tell the difference), they aren't six times better.

The link is to the AAA pack, but they also have the same deal for AA jobs.

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  • craftykiwi
    Thanks. Hubby was looking for some AAA's for non-rechargeable devices and couldn't find any cheap ones that weren't dodgy imports. Might give these a go.

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