Norton AntiVirus 2007 DVD $39.99 with $40 cashback offer so just pay delivery

28 December 2007

Buy and redeem the cashback and its cost you just the delivery charge or pick up in store and make a profit.

Delivery is between $6 and $10 dependent on location

It removes viruses and security risks automatically; heuristically detects spyware threats, detects and blocks Internet worm attacks, and protects email.

Bonus $40 cashback Offer Purchase a specially marked box of the full version of Norton Antivirus 2007 DVD between 24/12/07 and 08/02/08 and receive $40 cashback via redemption from Symantec. Visit the Symantec Cashback Promotion page for details on how to claim


  • sandgroper
    How To Claim your cashback Download and complete the claim coupon. Complete the claim coupon, including your name, address, daytime phone number, email address and cut out the Proof of Purchase coupon (from the back of the 'Installation and Activation' paper insert, found inside the Norton AntiVirus 2007 DVD case). Attach the Proof of Purchase coupon to the claim form. Post the completed form and a copy of your Harris Technology invoice before 22/02/08 to: Symantec Rebates - $40 Back Locked Bag 90 North Ryde NSW 1670
  • gstok
    Damn you beat me to this one! ;) You can also pickup for free from their business centres... the list of centres is on the page. You don't actually "make a profit" as the stamp costs 50c so you're out of pocket 45c. :) Also cheap, but no cashback, is for Internet Security 2007 3-User with a bonus 1Gb key for $49. Search on for it. Not many left apparently.
  • voteoften
    Harvey Norman advertised these in the Boxing day inserts for $40, free after rebate.
  • port
    I've also seen DSE PowerHouse and Domayne with similar advertising
  • nod
    It is a very good deal - wherever you chose to get it from I guess :D
  • leny
    You don't actually "make a profit" as the stamp costs 50c so you're out of pocket 45c. :)
    ... Buckie cashback ;)
  • MamaK
    Officeworks has it for $50 so I guess good to shop around. I had a look at it- would it be better than the free AVG professional download?
  • TheGoodDr
    No - seriously no. I work in IT and Norton Antivirus is much more trouble than it is worth - running free AVG is much more efficient and secure than using the system-crippling, waste-of-time NAV.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I've uninstalled nortons from a machine and replaced it with zonealarm on the basis that nortons was more trouble than it was worth.
  • port
    running free AVG is much more efficient and secure
    Pardon? With detection rates in the 70%'s it's hardly a good choice. AVG Pro is a much better product, and you can ]get it for free at the moment. Mind you, I too think Free* is about the right price for any Symantec product. :) It ]appears that Symantec have woken up to the fact that their products have taken a beating in the marketplace for their buggy, bloated and slow crap.
  • skcmok
    This is a terrible deal! You couldn't pay me any amount of money to use that bloated Norton Anti-virus crap! :D
  • chriswesty
    :D - I've uninstalled nortons from a machine and replaced it with zonealarm on the basis that nortons was more trouble than it was worth.
    so true....
  • admin EDITOR
    Pardon? With detection rates in the 70%'s it's hardly a good choice.
    Is that when stacked up against the pro install ? :D - thats a bit like giving you a free car that only starts 70% of the time.
  • nod
    I certainly happily saw the back of nortons.... never again
  • leny
    Aww I was about to buy this but now I'm having doubts:o :confused: :(
  • nod
    Leny a lot of people have nortons and are happy with it It just caused a few hassles for me and when investigated I was not alone I now have Zone alarm and all seems fine
  • kearnsy
    i think norton antivirus is absolutely fine...I am currently using the security 2007 product and also used the Norton 360 product. I have had no problems personally, for free i don't think you can lose really.
  • nod
    so kearnsy do you find that your machine runs slow? or has a seriously slow start up process?
  • leny
    If it makes my system slow, I can always get rid of it without it leaving any issues, correct? :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Yes - correct. Its no problem to boot it off. Its a toss up really. Nortons is old, industry name, secure, realiable etc - it is also pretty bloated in the sense of trying to do too much rather than one thing really well (just my humble opinion) I personally think that all of the AV products I've seen lately are bloatware and clunky. Dunno - I sort of figure its something that should be very unobtrusive and not annoying in the sense of continually asking re allowing or denying services access.
  • lilpretzel
    Can't go pass nod32 been using it for donkey years. :)
  • kearnsy
    Well I don't think that Norton slows down my computer that much, noticably anyway. I much prefer having an extra few seconds in boot time to remove myself from mostt internet threats. I believe the Norton 360 product was engineered from the ground up less than 12 months ago and this product is the equivilent or better to the Internet Security product. I am not sure if this means that it does not have the bloatware that ppl talk about in the regular Norton Security Product. On my old computer (a Latitude D610) I had installed a license of Norton 360, I thought it did a really good job. My new computer (a Dell M1330) it had a license of Norton Internet Security 2007, I was going to remove it (to install 360) but it seems to be doing a good job and not slowing down my new system noticably.
  • popmuzick
    do we have to include the receipt or only the sticker ? coz i wanna purchase it woth my staff discount at myer and just curious if i can still get the cash back with it..
  • indy17
    I used to use Norton software, and it did get bloated and slow your PC down. But I heard that they had improved the 2007 version and decided to give it a try. I now use Norton 360, and if it does have an impact on my PCs performance, I certainly don't notice it. Every security product has to have a small impact on system performance due to the very nature of the product (i.e. the number of scans and intrusions it has to do). This deal as well as the other cashbacks are great deals.
  • admin EDITOR
    Welcome to buckscoop indy17. I live in a closet - didnt even know Norton 360 existed. Will go have a look - Thanks.

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