Nokia 5070 Unlocked mobile phone - only $130 from Simply Mobiles!!!

23 July 2007

This Nokia 5070 handset is only $130 from Simply Mobiles when you use the code below to get an extra $20 off (Thanks Brad). A price comparison on ShopBot shows this to be $168+ everywhere else. POINT TO NOTE - it is available for $10 less from, but it is locked to Optus, and these handsets can sometimes cost quite a few bucks to get unlocked, so may be worth going for the unlocked model.

What would be a great idea would be to buy this unlocked handset - then buy one of the Virgin Mobile Sims for $10 and go for the $50 free Virgin talk credit (Find this page on BuckScoop by going to the front page and selecting Virgin Mobiles as the merchant and clicking "filter")

NOTE - the site is very slow and seems to be taking a bit of a beating a t the minute, but bear with it and you should be able to get your order through.

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