Nintendo 3DS Online special $199 save $150 with free delivery

12 August 2011

Real 3D Graphics.
No Glasses Needed.

Introducing the Nintendo 3DS system. Experience incredible gameplay featuring real 3D graphics, with no need for special glasses. Nintendo 3DS is a breakthrough in portable entertainment, a truly cutting-edge piece of hardware. It has to be seen to be believed.

limit 2 per customer


  • golfwidow
    The link comes up it 'Page not found' but it is still advertised on the front page...
  • sey
    JB Hifi just priced matched this for me. Thank you
  • QuirkyKiwi
    The deal is not expired....just needs the link pointing to
  • ninkasi
    Good price I think. I know that Nintendo are dropping the price for the 3DS closer to that of the DSi because they haven't had the 3D titles out there that they planned. So people weren't interested in paying the premium for something that had been marketed on the 3D aspect. Thing is, this is a more powerful device and you can always switch off the 3D part. I'd still suggest comparing with an iPod Touch though before buying a Nintendo console - huge choice of free or cheap games available on iTunes.... and if you have more than one kid, you can share multiple copies of purchased games... and apps don't get lost or damaged in the wash....
  • ntowill
    You can always 'back up' your games onto a R4 Flash Card. That way it doesn't matter if your game gets damaged/lost. :)

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