Nikon SB-400 SPEEDLIGHT for $120 at Ted's Cameras Online - Save $80

17 December 2008

Bought one of these for my Dad for Xmas (and one for myself too!). At $120 this is a good price for a good flash. Cheapest Ive seen on staticice etc is $188. They have a few other speedlights for sale too, so have a look around. Review here:


  • nod Good price (and review) for the flash when you look at the price comparison sites around now. Interestingly the writer of the review states he paid full price in Nov 2007 which was $129 USD - but who knows what the exchange rate was then
  • andrewr
    I used the paypal5 code and got another 5% off. $119.95 -$6.00 paypal5 delivery $10.00 $123.95 delivered.
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - smart.

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