Nikon Coolpix L11 @ Dstore $169

7 November 2007

Dstore arent often the cheapest around but in this case they're up there.

This is a cheap and cheerful budget camera - something you might get as a gift.

I've found somewhere that advertises it cheaper $149 but when I try to get to the site I'm getting 'Sorry, the shop is inaccessible temporarily. Please try again later.' which doesnt instill me with confidence.

The next nearest price is about the same as you pay for this including delivery (a nice $5.95) at other stores with the average price being closer to $200 undelivered.


  • admin EDITOR
    Cnet gives it a ]moderate review which I suspect is more related to it being a budget camera than anything else.
  • Brad
    In addition, You'd be scooping up some handy Bucks with dStore's 7.2% offering!

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